Top 5 Places in the world to visit for singles!

5 – Ibiza, Spain

While many North Americans may not know much about it, Ibiza is the party island of Europe and as such a magnet for European singles. I have once heard someone refer to Ibiza as “The Island of Sun-Soaked Debauchery” or “The Gomorrah of the Mediterranean”.
Ibiza is the place where you can let out your inner idiot and no one will judge you, not even if you get drunk out of your mind or start indulging in excessive sexual behavior.

Party on Ibiza never stops, night bars attract some of world’s top DJs and regardless of whether you’re male or female, gay or straight, finding temporary loving on Ibiza is never too hard.

4 – Dublin, Ireland

Falling love with Irish charm is as easy as one, two, three. It starts with irresistible Irish accent and stays with you as you pop in to check out any of the many pubs lining what would seem as every single street in every town. Irish people have long had the reputation for being some of the friendliest in the world so strangers are always welcomed with a smile and open embrace.

It is no coincidence that Europe’s biggest matchmaking festival for singles is hosted in an

Irish town. Lisdoonvarna has a 150 years long tradition of matchmaking and even though traditions have changed over the years, as a single, you can indulge in Irish style boozing and let the romance develop spontaneously.

3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is notorious among singles for its lax approach to prostitution and drugs. What more could you as a single traveller want to ask for? Single bachelors visiting Amsterdam get to enjoy the best a life has to offer without much effort. Whether it’s a little shag before a

puff, or a little puff before a shag, or the two at the same time, Amsterdam has all it takes to see it delivered.

While Amsterdam is a heaven for pleasure seeking men, it also attracts crowds of single women who strangely, take pleasure at observing the people let loose and go wild. Afterall, watching an otherwise shy man walk into and out of brothels without a wink or second guess, accompanied by lingerie clad sexy women is quite a sight to behold. However, if streets full of sex shops and cannabis cafes are not quite your thang, you can still find romance by taking a stroll along one many bridged canals dotting this beautiful city.

2– Hedonism, Jamaica

This goes without saying. Hedonism resorts of Jamaica are specifically aimed at singles looking to set their sexual nature go aloose. If naked swim parties in the pool at midnight don’t get you, then discos that are off limits to couples will. Hedonism is all about hooking up and enjoying the pleasures of life without regret or hold-backs.

Las Vegas Strip

Image via Wikipedia

1– Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Can there be anything more I need to say when introducing Vegas as top destination for singles? Moreover, while in Vegas, you can count on it that there will be a bachelor or bachelorette party somewhere nearby and there would have to be the devil in it if you returned out of one of those without some wild stories of outrageous sexual debauchery.

Don’t be surprised if you sober up after a wild night in Vegas finding a tiger in your bathroom. The Hangover may be a movie, but partying in Vegas is nothing short of insane so expect the unexpected.


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