Top celebrity travel destinations!

So we here at Lost Travel Tours decided to change things up a bit.  We always talk about places to travel, top spring break destinations, top tours etc… but we never really tell you who goes to these places so here is a start to some fun destinations where if you time it just right, and with a little bit of luck you might just meet a celebrity!  So here it is!

Top celebrity travel destinations! If you could go where the stars go.. here are some fabulous hot spots where our A-listers love to jet off to..

South Beach, Miami-Many red carpet events and celebrity-only fêtes are held on the shores of South Beach, and you can plan an extended stay in Miami to take it all in you may catch celebrities including Jay-Z, Madonna, and Paris Hilton . (Vacations)

Hawaii-The islands of Hawaii are a popular celebrity vacation getaway for the likes of Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green and other celebs. Many actors and actresses were born on the Hawaiian Islands and spent a good amount of time enjoying the sun and sand during their childhood. Celebrities including Bette Midler, Tia Carrere, Keanu Reeves and Kelly Preston all have roots in Hawaii.(Vacations)

St. Tropez, France Celebrities who want to soak up some French sun head to this costal destination for the ultimate escape. Starlets including Paris Hilton and sister Nicky have been spotted roaming the shores of this prestigious locale,  From a glamorous shopping scene to nonstop nightlife, you’ll find plenty of chances to do some celebrity spotting during your trip.(Vacations)

Mallorca, SpainCatherine Zeta Jones, King Juan Carlos and dukes and duchesses of Europe have all made their way to Mallorca for a yachting excursion or extended stay at a luxury resort. You can join the club with a trip to the beautiful island, which has been deemed a “Spanish paradise” by many. Rent a car for a few days to explore small coastal villages and enjoy views of the ocean from untouched territory. You can also spend your days walking through markets and villages, and pick up some locally-owned wares. MORE SPAIN- Puerto Banus, Majorca and Ibiza are all famous for its night dance parties. In the past, it is the favorite of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, while today stars as Minnie Driver, Antonio Banderas, David Beckam, Simon Cowell or Bruce Willis are enjoying the parties and beaches of these exclusive locations.(Vacations)

Turtle Island, FijiBritney Spears has reportedly secured her own private spot on Turtle Island, Fiji, home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The South Pacific is an idyllic destination–the perfect place to relax and enjoy an exotic vacation for days and weeks on end. Popular destinations here include the Turtle Fiji all-inclusive resort, or you can rent the entire island for a little over a quarter of a million dollars for seven nights. It’s the ultimate destination to enjoy the warm turquoise waters of the ocean, go snorkeling in the lagoon, and relax under the warm sun.(Vacations)

Cabo San Lucas – as it is relatively close to Los Angeles and it is an easy and splendid getaway for celebrities. Jennifer Anniston is a regular in Cabo, while Courtney Cox and her family are also often seen there.(Vacations)

London the sun might not always shine, but is has an array of history, restaurants and high-class nightclubs. Such stars as Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Sienna Miller or the Harry Potter cast are frequently spotted in London.(Vacations)

Italy – it is where George Clooney can be spotted and he is always inviting other stars to his pad at Lake Como.(Vacations)

Las Vegas – the recent star residing in Sin City is Holly Madison, who has purchased a residency at Planet Hollywood. It is the perfect place to party with celebrities as Lauren Conrad, Paris Hilton, Usher or Leonardo DiCaprio.(Vacations)

Rio de Janeiro – we are talking about a very sexy Brazilian hotspot, with such celebs as Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, Gerard Butler or Madonna, all enjoying the beach or the famous Carnaval.(Vacations)

St. Barth’s – this particular Caribbean island is unique and it is the right place for the rich and the famous. In winter, it is always crowded with stars like Be

Saint Tropez

Image via Wikipedia

yonce, Mariah Carey or Derek Jeter.(Vacations)

French Riviera – celebrities gather to such hotspots a St. Tropez and Cannes for all the lavishness they offer. Cannes is preferred by Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, P. Diddy and Jay-Z, while St. Tropez is like a magnet for celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckam, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Katie Holmes.(Vacations)

There you go, next time if you want to travel the celebrity way, pick one of these destinations. If it’s good enough for our big stars, I’m sure you’d like it!

Where’s your favorite travel destination?


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